We’ve been asked what we’d like as a wedding gift, and the answer is simple:  you, at our wedding, having a great time.  But if you would like to give us a gift then what we’d love your help to make our honeymoon the holiday of a lifetime. 

We have plenty of homeware and the like that we’ve chosen together over the course of our renovation project, and with very little storage space left due to the size of Hannah’s wardrobe and Nick’s art books, we’d like you to help us create some memories for us to enjoy together for the rest of our lives. 

After the wedding we’re whisking ourselves away to Santorini for a week to enjoy the start of married life together, but our main honeymoon is going to be at the start of next year, so we want to make it a trip worth waiting for! 

We haven’t yet decided where to go, but we can promise you it will be exotic and adventurous!  Potential destinations include Sri Lanka, Cuba, Thailand or Argentina. 


For those of you who prefer, we have compiled a small gift list at John Lewis, the details of which are below


Gift List Number:  643488

Hyde Barn, Fosse Manor, Fosseway, Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, GL54 1JX

Office Telephone Number: 01451 833 556

Hotel Telephone Number: 01451 830 354